1st June 2016

Curitiba, Brazil

The International Seminar on S.PSS & DE invites Brazilian educators on the field of Design to share their experiences and knowledge regarding the teaching of the subjects “Product Service Systems” and “Distributed Economy”.


The Seminar is linked to the LeNSin project (International Learning Network on Sustainability), financed by the European Community on the Erasmus+ call of 2015. That project main vision is to promote a new generation of designers (and design educators and researchers) capable of Design for Sustainability (DfS) focused on Sustainable Product-Service System (S.PSS) applied to Distributed Economies (DE). 


Associated with this vision the objective of the LeNSin Project is to diffuse/update this (new) knowledge by supporting worldwide teachers of design, even in low/middle-income contexts, to design and prepare curricular courses throughout a learning-by sharing distributed knowledge generation with an open source and copy-left ethos - supported by a distributed Open Learning E-Platform/Package (d.OLEP)